Two A.M...Night Prayers

Writing prayers in the night...
When the stom is just past
And the air is growing cool
With an oncoming change...
For the Better?
Better for those who suffer,
Better for the old,
The poor,
The hungry child,
The fearful immigrant
The longing heart?
There is a longing upon the world...
A longing for truth
(Jesus often said: "I Tell You the Truth),
A cry for justice:
("And Justice shall roll down like the waters")
A cry for peace:
("And He shall be called The Prince of Peace")
A cry for a New Day
When all of us will be brothers and sisters,
Every child will eat and be filled,
Every person will be valued
No matter their station, wealth, age, color, sexual identification,
Or religion...
Oh, Lord,
In a time of great cruelty,
I'm praying in the night.

3/22/2017  CR


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