After much trepidation, the ACA (Obamacare) debacle is over for a time.  The AHCA (Trumpcare) did not pass, and the ACA remains the system in place in our nation.

Representative Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts took the conservatives backing the AHCA to task and simply used scripture as the basis of his argument.  He noted that we are, according to Scripture, to feed the hungry, heal the sick, care for the hurting, and more.  He gives a powerful witness in his belief that we are all our brothers' keeper.

In 2012, while working on a sermon, I found a quotation from Margaret Meade's works.  A student asked her what was the first archaeological sign of civilization.  Meade remarked, "A healed femur."  A broken leg means the person can't walk without assistance, must be cared for, must be fed and kept warm...a broken leg that has healed is the sign of civilization: for Meade's belief was that civilization only came when humans practiced kindness.

When the dust is settled from the current spate of crises, will kindness survive as our central mark in our civilization: or will we devolve back into a primitive, warlike, suspicious and angry people?

That is the battle we fight at present.

May God give us strength to persevere as a people of kindness.


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