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The election is just around the corner: Angela and I voted yesterday, and I have yet to ask her about her votes. I wonder if we both voted the same way, or, if we might have done what my parents often joked about: canceled each other's vote? At any rate, we both voted, and, in this crucial and historic election, I think that is most important. One of the great gifts we have here is that of actually choosing our leadership. Sometimes that elevates our nation to great heights, and sometimes it condemns us to hardship and ordinariness. Perhaps this election will produce leadership which is both inspirational and groundbreaking in the most positive fashion. For all of you, I encourage you to vote your convictions, and to prayerfully consider your convictions before you vote. I would also encourage all of you to examine the positions and the candidates and make your vote based on your thoughtful and prayerful understanding. Secondly, the economy. Our church is largely made up of
It is the day of the second presidential debate...the bailout has begun for Wall Street, Ben Bernacke has announced that the financial crisis is deepening...people are are disappearing...a huge raid in SC today brought about the capture of over 300 people believed to be illegal...just wanting a job that no one here will do. It is a dark world for many. In that darkness we need light. In that darkness we need hope. It is time people...ordinary people...began to dream dreams and see visions again. It is time for rising above the ordinary by which we are described into the extraordinary which we are. It is time for hope and justice to roll down. It is time! It is time... Time for beginnings, When ordinary men and women Find that extraordinary spark we truly are... All of us... Brothers, sisters, Dark-skinned people like my daughter, And pale skinned people like me. It is time... For us to band together In peace and love To explore the greatness we are meant to be