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Immigration Reform

It is the belief of our congregation that immigration reform is desperately needed. We believe that reform should include a way for those already here who have been living within the law to achieve legal residency. We believe immigration is a moral issue rather than just a legal one, and we also believe that rational thinking shows that our nation needs a permanent immigrant work force. We believe that the current immigrant bashing is outside the will of God, and that Christ calls us to compassion for our brothers and sisters.


This site is obviously pro-immigration reform, with an emphasis on legalizing persons already here who are law-abiding. Let us know your opinions, and we'll respond. Curtis

Book Review, Rubicon

RUBICON By: Lawrence Alexander Harper Collins, N.Y. 2008 The title of this book relates to the historic crossing of the Rubicon river, a relatively minor stream in northern Italy. By Julius Caesar in 49BC. The generals of Rome were never to come south of the Rubicon with an army, for to do so would threaten Rome itself with civil war. Caesar defied that rule, entered Rome with his army, and installed himself as Rome’s first Caesar, or Emperor. In this novel, a plot to overthrow the government of the United States is marked by the same name as that of the Italian river. In this plot, a thinly-veiled fictional cast of characters uses the current concern for the sitting president’s usurpation of powers generally shared with the congress. In this book, Alexander proposes a fictional account of the vice president and other shadowy figures of the administration using the war on terror as a reason for a treasonous plot to take The United States from its history as a Republic into their

An Introduction

Hello, My name is Curtis Rivers, and I am one of the pastors at Douglas Street United Methodist Church in Cartersville, GA. I am married to Rev. Angela Rivers, the Sr. pastor at Douglas Street, and we have one daughter, Keila, who is entering her sophomore year at Berry College in Rome, Ga. For the first blog, I want to enter the information below as interesting material to stimulate us into thought about the two major divergent political/religious belief systems which influence life here in the United States. ********************************************************************************** Perhaps the derogatory naming of liberals as “bleeding hearts” is pretty accurate, according to research by Dr. John T. Jost, a professor at New York Universtiy, and Jamie L. Napier, who have produced a most interesting study: Why Are Conservatives Happier Than Liberals? In this study they have found a direct correlation between the happiness of conservatives vs liberals through studying diver