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I am beginning to explore using this blog for some of my poetry. I hope this little offering will find a place in your hearts. ADVENT SONG So long ago, or so they tell, Before the light of Eden fell; An angel sang a mournful song Of worlds once strong, now fallen. It was a song with heroes filled, Battles fought and dark blood spilled; But darkness won, God's ancient foe His the victory, now worlds lie fallen. Out of darkness, out of woe, God's Spirit mourned the... dead below; Heaven's Sons lie on the field The Light with darkness shrouded: fallen. The Universe with groaning filled, It's pulse of life: slowing...stilled; And waters deep where life once swam Lie empty, dark and lifeless now: fallen. In darkened hall where glory reigned, A sputtering spark flared life again; Till Evil hand it's pulsing quenched Where Darkness rules no hope may: fallen. And thus death soared, and Evil sang, Its dirgeful note proud heaven's pain; God's day is o'er,