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Sermon Series

This Sunday we'll begin a series of sermons on some special characters in the Bible. We begin with Ruth, who was one of the most important ancestors of King David. From there we'll go to David, himself. After those two Old Testament characters, we'll look at some New Testament people who present us with images of the people who shaped and formed the faith we celebrate as Christians. All these persons we'll study have one thing in common: their hardships and brokenness. Out of their failures, difficulties, and ordeals will come something of the essence of the faith we claim. None of the characters will be people you would expect to shape any of history, but all have done so in unique and individual ways. One of the beautiful and unusual things of our faith is that is a faith which tells the stories of people who suffered loss, endured hardships, and experienced the same kinds of dilemmas and trials we experience in our own lives. Out of the lives of cheats, liars