I believe in Jesus Christ

Next Sunday we will hear a message on our belief in Jesus Christ.  Dr. Juan Quintanilla will be preaching for us.  To prepare for his message, I would love for us all to begin thinking of exactly why we believe in Christ, and also, what we believe about Jesus.

Lent is a time for reflection.  We are using this Lenten season to talk about what we believe.  We began this Sunday with the words: "We believe in God the Father..."

Next Sunday, we examine the words:

                    "We believe in Jesus Christ, his Son, our Lord...
                    God made flesh in a person for all humanity,
                    God made flesh in an age for all the ages,
                    God made flesh in one culture for all cultures,
                    God made flesh in love and grace for all creation."

I hope you will read those words, ponder them in your hearts, and pray about them.  That way, when Juan preaches next Sunday, your own study and prayer will enrich his sermon in a most exciting way.

God bless and keep us as we learn about our beliefs.




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