Saturday Night before Palm/Passion Sunday

Saturday night before Palm/Passion Sunday leaves me in a quandary: do I try and preach a typical sermon on Palm Sunday, or do something different.  I've probably read dozens of sermons on Palm Sunday this week and the week before...but none of them spoke to me...

By "speaking to me" I mean that none of them did anything special for me...none of them touched me in the way I wanted them to.  There were all sorts of approaches to the day and week, but none of them made me want to stand up and say "Eureka"  "I have found it."

So, I've decided to approach the week from two dimensions: the historical and the theological.  I'll be talking about the events and how they have shaped the teachings and practices of The Church over the last two thousand years.

I hope you'll join us for this Sunday

We may just find ourselves on a cobblestone street in an ancient city shouting "Hosanna."


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