Ramblings from The Fall...

I wonder what’s so wrong

With the notion

Of caring for each other?

Our politicians fight

Endlessly about this...

Which you would think

Is such a simple thing

Of mutual love and responsibility.

But we disagree;

Whether one deserves love,

Another deserves care,

Or another’s too lazy,

Or too different in color,

Or language,

Or custom.

So the wealthy ride by

In Maybach limousines

Or Rolls Royces

Or only in the grandeur

Of their own minds,

While the poor

Long for bread,

For clothes,

For a place to lie down

Where it’s warm...

We get lost

In getting and spending...

And making it

To the top.

Perhaps it might help

If we remembered

That God

Lives at the bottom, too.

10/7/11 CR


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