What if we were a Christian nation?

What would the US look like if it were a Christian nation?

1. Nobody would go hungry.
2. Medical care would be available for all.
3. No person would go without shelter.
4. Sharing rather than "HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS," would be the norm.
5. Hate would die, and love would live.
6. Racism would cease to exist.
7. Everybody would be "somebody."
8. Politicians would quit fighting over ideology and start working on the needs of people.
9. Everybody would be welcome at the table…all colors, undocumented immigrants, the poor, the sick…Nobody would be pushed aside.
10. Moral courage would be the norm, not the exception.
11. No child would truly ever be "left behind."
12. The airways would be filled with love and laughter rather than anger and hate.
13. "Talking heads" who spew hatred would lose their audience.
14. There would be no "least" among us, for we all would be valued.
15. ...

The list goes on.
Would you like to add to it?

In Christ,


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