Tired of this loneliness

Thought I'd share a little of my poetry with you. This poem was written late one evening while sitting at the table in our dining area.

Tired of the loneliness

That I've always known,

Tired of the emptiness

That makes my heart groan.

Tired of the longing

For someone to care,

O Lord, if you're listening,

Please, hear my prayer.

O Lord, fill my emptiness,

Fill my despair,

Fill up this heart of mine,

This is my prayer.

Shine your light upon me

Help me to know

Plant yourself within my soul

And let that seed grow.

Light falls around me

So bright I can't see,

I feel you, I feel you, Lord,

I feel you fill me.

Thank you dear Father,

I now know you care,

Thank you for loving me,

For hearing my prayer.

8/1/11 CR


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