Snow Days

Well, here we are, caught on top of our mountain for the third time this season by snow. I took much of the afternoon today with the tractor gradually clearing the drive so we can use it. Alex and Keila then spread chemicals on the drive and it is reasonably passable.

Being caught in one place is an unusual experience these days. We're used to being able to drive anywhere at a moment's notice, fly off across the world with a little planning...we're the most moble population the world has ever known. Even those of modest means in the United States have exceptional options for mobility.

A drive across the USA today is a matter of a few days: to fly it is a matter of five or six hours in the air, along with time at airports getting ready for the flight and receiving luggage at the other end. Even then, a day's time will allow us to span the three thousand-odd miles of our nation.

A few years ago an XR-51 Blackbird flew the span of the USA in just a couple of hours, averaging over 2000 mph for the trip. Today, who knows what speeds may be attainable for the experimental planes of our military? In just a year-or-so, regular sub-orbital flights will begin for sight-seeing in space. Already, the cost is down from millions for a flight (20 million or so for a stay at the international space station) to about ten thousand dollars. Soon we will have hotels orbiting the earth. Things are changing, and the distances which once separated us are diminishing.

In all of this, there is a constant we must never forget. God!

God's love and His creativity are the root source for all our discovery, science, and our adventures which advance the human race. Perhaps the greatest thing science can help us understand is this: no matter what we discover, God has already gone ahead of us. Science, then, simply understood is something which helps us understand how great God is. He is Creator of all, and all we know and think finds its origin in His universe.

It is great to be a child of The Creator of The Universe.

Curtis Rivers


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