February is upon us, and I have finally begun to recover from my knee replacement surgery enough to have a few lucid thoughts. I do have to thank the therapists who have diligently worked with me so that I am finally beginning to be able to turn the crank of a bicycle again with my incredibly stiff left knee. I have struggled with the knee for over twenty years, and it had finally gotten so stiff I was not able to ride. I'll let you know when I am back on my bicycle again with any sort of regularity.
When you have your first major surgery at age 66, you begin to see how incredibly lucky you are. After all, I have had my share of adventures and scrapes, and it has taken this episode to show me how incredibly brave all those people I have worked with over the yeard during their surgeries and recovery have been. You never know another's situation until you walk in their shoes.
It is also interesting to begin to feel your body coming back to life after such an adventure. I find myself amazed at the resiliancy of this machine of flesh and bone God has given me.
I am currently reading a book called Descarte's Bones, which tells much of Descarte's life story, as well as the amazing story of the journey of his bones following his death. I am also recalling much of the wonderful story of the history of human thought which evolved so much during the seventeenth century, and greatly due to the immense work by Descartes and others who opened the Enlightenment period. Today we are seeing the resulting amalgamation of thought which is bringing the fields of theology and science back together again as an understanding of the integrated and wholistic approach which is basic to our understanding knowledge as both a gift of God and as a way in which God is revealed through our thoughtful endeavors.
This past Sunday I told the story of how Barack Obama's political theory has been shaped by his experiences with and understanding of Christian theology melded into an understanding of how government can be reflective of the Gospel. The story of his first experience with the preaching of Jeremiah Wright is an explosive incident which opened his mind to what St. Paul proclaims as Christians' "sure hope." Out of that incident he developed his theories which led to his book titled with the same title as Wright's sermon The Audacity of Hope.
As I write, the Senate and House have agreed to the framework for the economic stimulus package which will be voted on in the next few days and signed shortly into law by the president. I would hope that all who read this, whether or not they agree with or like Obama, will pray for the success of the package and the revitalization of our economy. We have fed about 250 people so far this year with our food bank, a situation which is unlike any we have experienced in the ministry. We fed six families today.
Pray for immigration reform. People are suffering greatly because of the unjust laws which have derived from the government's unwillingness to deal with this issue positively in the past few years. We need a Christian resolution, and we need it soon. People...good people...are hurting, and we need to find relief for them.
Keep our ministry in your prayers. Ray Smith, Frances Smith's husband is very ill, and we ask for your prayers for him. Angela's dad, Lucius Gilreath, is in the hospital, and we pray for him. We also pray for Cathy Olalde and Heather Ramirez, on the loss of their father and grandfather, respectively.


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