One Night God came to Earth...

Our scripture this week is Mary's Magnificat...that wonderful song of praise which begins, "My soul doth magnify the Lord..." In that beautiful song in which Mary both subjugates her will to God's and praises God's magnificent power, we are taken again into the mystery and depth of the coming of Christ.

The birth of Jesus is not an isolated event. It begins with Elizabeth's pregnancy with John, continues with the Immaculate Conception, the Angel's visit with Joseph, the journey to Bethleham...the journey of the Magi...the appearance of the Angels to the Shepherds...there is such miraculous depth and complexity. But, that is all eclipsed by the birth itself. God presents Himself to us in the form of a child.

This story is not to be approached as adults, but as children ourselves. As we come to the manger, we forget all which leads to the moment and are captured by the event itself: God sends His mighty answer for humanity in the form of a helpless baby. When we come to understand that, we finally approach our understanding of God in the way in which He wants. We simply come adoring, praising, and humbly bowing before such reverent humility. God has come to us...and it is not with fanfare and trumpets, but in the first cry of a child in the stillness of the cold winter's night of Bethlehem.

Every time I think of that I get chills.

Curtis Rivers


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