In His Hands

The life of The Spirit is a strange one. It's something like being in a boat on a treacherous river without paddle or oars, totally at the mercy of a force outside yourself. You plunge down one rapid to the next, never knowing when mishap or mayhem may plunge you into the freezing water...and if it does...will you gain safety of shoreline or boat again, or be dashed against the rocks.

In the midst of that mayhem you may lose sight of God's power and experience the panic of any sane person, or...if you are fortunate, you may have moments of lucidity in which your soul is calmed and your spirit quieted by the One who controls all about you. In those moments you are among the most privileged, for you recognize the hands of God in whose grasp you are. It is a feeling like no other.

St. Paul asked if anything could threaten us? Can peril, or powers, or anything else? Then answer is no! Safe in God's hands, we plunge through the river of life. That life may batter us, bruise us, or even drown us; but God is still with us, and the essential part of us which is God's own part, our soul, will always arrive safe and whole in God's hands at the intended destination.

So, fellow travelers, on we go...but safe in His hands. It is a wonderful trip.

Curtis Rivers


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