This Sunday

March 4, 2017

This Sunday we'll begin our series of studies/sermons on what we believe.  We'll be using The Hispanic Creed from the United Methodist Hymnal, Mil Voces.  This week, we begin with the statement:

We believe in God, The Father Almighty
                                                 Creator of the heavens and the earth;
                                                 Creator of all peoples and all cultures;
                                                 Creator of all tongues and races.

The question we'll be facing is: "Do you actually know what you believe, and why you believe, and how you act out that belief in the world."

We'll hear that marvelous song:  "All Creation Worships You" by Tony Melendez.  We'll also experience Richard Strauss' magnificent work: "Thus Spake Zaranthusra."

Come and join us for the experience.



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